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independent record label:
Saddle Records is an independent record label with an easygoing atmosphere allowing the artists and groups more creativity without the hard-line attitudes and the deadlines set in stone by most major record labels.


personable recording studio:
Yamhill Studio is very personable recording studio. Create your music your way without our record label telling you how to do it and when like the big guys.


Established in 1995:
Saddle Records was established in 1995 and debut on the World Wide Web on 1/1/97 which shows we’ve been around for awhile doing it better and better ever year.


Established on the World Wide Web:
To vastly improve your visibility and notoriety and get more radio-play than the other guys you will find us everywhere on the World Wide Web using other music showcase venues like MP3, Artist Direct, BeSonic and others to promote our Artists. In cooperation with these venues we arrange to have all our talented artists showcased there as well.


Our followers love us:
We have an established following of Country Music lovers always looking for NEW Artists and Groups and more songs to hear and buy. Approximately 250 followers and more come by and see our Artists web pages every week and increasing.


Established radio-play contacts:
Using our established radio-play contacts in the USA and Overseas we get your music to the right place and the right airplay person, which is a very serious chunk of what it takes to get to the top.


Getting you music sold is what counts:
We sell through our own web pages and other major web associates which cuts out the middle-man which makes for bigger profits for you, and you could just stop right there. But more is better in most cases. By utilizing our additional selling locations like Amazon.com , CDnow.com, MP3.com and more your sales drastically increase.


Control your future:
Our contacts put you in control of your future. We have contacts in the music industry who can get your live act showcased both here in the U.S. and overseas and there always looking for opening acts. From time to time we even get asked to have our Artists appear in a movie.


Reducing overhead:
Another way to start off right is by reducing overhead. At Saddle Records there is no large staff of bookkeepers, unneeded associate engineers and staff helpers to burn your hard earned money. You get just meat and potatoes here.


Your material copyrighted:
Getting your material copyrighted is like some foreign language to most Artists and Groups. At Saddle Records its just part of taking care of business. We do it all the time.


Writer representation:
If writer representation is what your looking for like BMI, ASCAP we have all the necessary forms and contacts just for that. We’ll help you get it done. Just ask us.

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