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Bobby Dee

Bobby always wanted to sing. Even when he was very young, he say's about 9 years old or so. Growing up he listened to country music of the late 50's and early 60's. "It was great" Bobby said. He went to many live show's with his parents and met many legendary country music artists like, Buck Owens, George Jones, Rose Maddox, Roy Acuff, Freddie Heart, and so many more.  He really wanted to buy a guitar for himself about age 12 and learn to play, but  because he had no money he tried to play his mother's guitar for awhile.  About age 13 Bobby started working part time with his dad in construction he saved enough money to buy his first guitar.

At 14 years old Bobby bought a brand new shinny Harmony 12 string guitar.  The price was $350.00 then, a lot of money at that time for just a kid "bobby say's".  He taught him-self how to play by a book he bought on how to place you fingers where and by ear.   He had no formal training (well except for the 6 week's he took guitar lessons and couldn't stand it).  By age 16 he was playing acoustic rhythm guitar with  several  bands (mostly in bars) in northern California.  But that got really old after a year or so.  So Bobby went out and bought an electric guitar, a Fender guitar and a great Fender Amp and played for another (5) years or so learning to play lead to many great hot Rock tunes of the time.   Later in life Bobby  got married and starting raising a family.  Eighteen years went by without playing or singing, getting caught up in life and by now he was listening to soul, blues, Jazz,  and into another marriage.

Twenty-one years slipped by and he happen to see a traditional country group perform called ' WestWind", playing and singing at a private party. Bobby knew then they were the people he wanted to perform with, his heart telling him he was still pining to sing country music.  Every chance he got, he practiced playing and singing and getting better and better until he was good enough to front for WestWind.  He continued his singing & pickin' at all manner of venues and finely to Bobby's surprise one day wrote his first country song, and then another until he had enough songs to cut his own original self titled CD called, "Breakin' Out" which is now in the process of being recorded in the studios of Saddle Records a Indie Record Label located in Oregon.  


March in late 1950's
Home town: Berkley, California
Residence: Oregon
Physical: 5'11" Brown hair, Blue eyes
Family: Married, with children
music, scuba diver, motor cycle riding, recording, fishing, hunting, other rec. sports
Favorite Season: Winter (snuggle weather)
Favorite topography: Mountains
Currently driving:
1990 Ford Ranger P/U Truck

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69 Martin Acoustic 6 string Guitar, 59 Kay 6 string Acoustic Guitar, 71 Kay Mandolin, 62 Harmony Mandolin, 93 Fender Bass
Merle Haggard, George Jones, Freddie Heart, Little Jimmy Dickens, Porter Wagner, so many more........
Favorite Album: "Neon And The Rain" Freddie Heart
Favorite Song:
"Fightin' Side" Merle Haggard

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